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Laser Tattoo Removal from Focus Medical
NaturLase QS Q-Switched Tattoo Removal Laser

How NaturaLaseQS Works

How NaturLase QS Tattoo Removal Works More >

NaturaLaseQS Results

Tattoo Removal Results with NaturaLase QS More >
Tattoo Removal Results with NaturaLase QS

NaturaLase QS Laser Beam Profile

Highest Beam Quality

NaturaLase QS uses proprietary technology to produce the best beam profile in the industry. Specifically, the beam profile of the NaturLase QS:

  • Treats evenly to the edge of the spot
  • Prevents "HotSpots" that can cause complications

Beam Profile Illustration

NaturaLase QS Tattoo Removal Laser Beam Profile

Why Beam Quality Matters

  • More even light penetration
  • Fewer complications: no "hot spots" to cause epidermal damage
  • Uniform results: cone-shaped beam will have less energy/results
    away from center of beam

NaturaLase QS Tattoo Removal Laser

The NaturaLase QS tattoo removal laser is the highest energy Q-switched system in the world. Take advantage of four Q-switched wavelengths in one system. Wavelengths include 1064, 532, 585, and 650 nm.

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