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Laser Tattoo Removal from Focus Medical
NaturLase QS Q-Switched Tattoo Removal Laser

How NaturaLaseQS Works

How NaturLase QS Tattoo Removal Works More >

NaturaLaseQS Results

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Tattoo Removal Results with NaturaLase QS

What Are the Alternatives to Laser Tattoo Removal?

While there are three main alternatives to removing tattoos with Q-switched lasers, such as the NaturaLase QS, none of them work nearly as well:

  • Gels & creams such as "wrecking balm": wrecking balm is a low grade chemical peel that will burn off a few layers of skin; using chemical peels deep enough to reach tattoo ink packets will leave a serious scar
  • Long pulse & IPL lasers: will burn the skin and make tattoo more difficult to eventually remove as scar tissue will encapsulate ink packets
  • CO2 lasers: ablation down to depths of ink packets will leave the same scar as a chemical peel
  • Surgery: acceptable only for very small tattoos and surgical tattoos

NaturaLase QS Tattoo Removal Laser

The NaturaLase QS tattoo removal laser is the highest energy Q-switched system in the world. Take advantage of four Q-switched wavelengths in one system. Wavelengths include 1064, 532, 585, and 650 nm.

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